Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hello it's been a really long hiatus! Got a change in job somewhere when I posted my last post, and so decided to give lllf a tiny break. 

For a short pre-mid week date, L and I decided to pop by Plaza Singapura for dinner and then catch Man Of Steel (which is really draggy in our opinions. This money can be better spent elsewhere). And as the name of the post went, we had dinner at Ambush! There used to be an outlet at basement 2 of Taka, which we can't use the store so we concluded that its closed. 

And just like the movie, what we spent on this dinner could be better spent elsewhere. You'll see what we mean.

L ordered Oktoberfest Platter ($17.80) - Pork Knuckle Cutlet with Smoked Bratwurst with Sausages served with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potato. Sounds amazing? We thought so too. 

This is what we got:
4 thin slices of pork knuckles, huge glop of mashed potato, pathetic serving of Sauerkraut, some greens and 2 oily sausages. Full stop. That's all, folks.

Okay to get over our disappointment, we try to look forward to my order, Tiger Prawn and Bacon Linguine (carbonara styled - $13.20). I mean, Italian pasta shouldn't fail right?

Proven wrong once again.

Tiger prawn is basically what we get when you order fried hokkien mee in the markets. The cream sauce is diluted which tasted more like Campbell soup. Linguine is not of al-dente standard, probably a fusion of Asian and Western, but it certainly didn't score with Us. We felt like we are having Chinese style noodles.

So much for all the high rated raves I've got and so much for wanting to try Ambush so much.

Go ahead if you want to give this a try. My two cent's worth? There are definitely better pasta out there at this price.

68 Orchard Road 
Plaza Singapura

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