Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Another new post. Another new post on Italian cuisine.

2 Saturdays back, L decided to bring me to Enta Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria! We took quite awhile to find the location, and the rain didn't help at all.

Entrance (courtesy of
There wasn't any set menus for us to choose, so we had to make do with the ala-carte menu. It took both of us awhile to decide on what we want because all the items on the menu are so attractive!

Funny how neatly presented dining utensils can affect my mood for the meal.

The traditional fire place where the chefs will prepare our pizza.
Fire place

While the chefs were preparing our mains, the waitress politely serve us some warm bread.
Bread was warm, and fluffy. Not the kind of usual plain bread served in other restaurants though. L and I finished all 4 pieces up in a jiffy.

Another cute container for the olive oil and vinegar just like that one we saw at Pasta Inc.

Our mains!
L got the Chef's Special of the Day. Pizza with Burrata, Parma Ham & Rocket Salad
Pizza with Burrata, Parma Ham & Rocket Salad (S$29.00)
This didn't quite score with me, though the thing crust did impress me quite abit. The saltiness from the parma ham is delicious with the crust, but sadly, the rocket salad dressed on top was too bitter for our comfort. But I must say that the pizza is worth trying still!

I opt for pasta, as usual.
Linguine con Polpa di Granchio e Crema di Aragosta (S$25.00)
Liguine served with chunky crab meat in a lobster cream sauce.
And I really meant Chunky.
One word : Delish. Although it does annoys me to find some shell (probably due to crab meat) in my food...

Total bill came up to a total of S$57.78 for just 2 mains. Not cheap, but not expensive for a decent Italian meal too. Afterall, you get what you paid.

Promotion: There is a on-going 3/4 course set menu which is only valid on Weekdays Lunch.
ETNA Italian Restaurant & Pizzaeria
49/50 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513
Tel: 6220 5513

Friday, 18 January 2013

Pasta Inc

Hello to everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Although it is already the 18th day into this brand new year, Livelifelovefood still want to do a newyear shoutout to everyone reading this space!

Thank you to everyone who is reading lllf. No, we are not people who want fame and be a celebrity bloggers or whatever of that sorts. We just want to capture memories of the nice and not-so-nice food and share with everyone at the other side of the computer. And we definitely wish you will enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy the food heh.

Back to food! L and I finally had the chance to taste some really tasty Italian food after afew weeks of humble eating. Decided that eating real tasty food every single week isn't a good thing for both our wallets and waistlines. Afterall, almost all yummy things are fattening.

So here we go, at Pasta Inc for our lunch one Saturday!

Panorama Shot of the street
Had a tough time finding this place, but thank goodness for smartphones and the maps app. We finally reached here. I have always wanted to explore this part of Singapore, all the shophouses and narrow street attract me somehow.

The first step into this restaurant was a pleasant one. Politely greeted by one of the staff and led to our table straight away. Love how the tables are all spread out neatly with a decent amount of empty area in between each table. Remember how some restaurants have uncomfortabley small narrow spaces in between each tables, and how you have to whisper to your date awkwardly over meals just so that the other tables won't have the chance to hear what sweet nothings you two are saying?
Panorama Shot of the Interior
Over at Pasta Inc, you don't have to worry about that.because each table is neatly spaced out.

We were served bread as well, just like how we were served in other Italian restaurants. The bread here wasn't warm, neither are they fluffy and soft like the ones served at Modesto's. Quite disappointed, but my disappointment turns into amusement immediately when I see this.
Container of Olive Oil and Vinegar.
Cheap thrill, yes I know.
Soups were served very quickly.
Soup of the Day - Mushroom Soup

Bisque Di Aragosta - Homemade Lobster Bisque Soup
To be very honest, I wasn't impressed by either of them. L had the Lobster Bisque Soup while I opt for the Mushroom one. The Lobster soup was abit too fishy for my liking. While the mushroom one didn't impress me either.

Main course is up next!
Linguine Carbonara - Linguine with bacon in cream sauce and egg yolk
Was disappointed when I realised that the squid ink based pasta wasn't in the menu, as I was dying to try that as there were many raving reviews. But my carbonara quickly turn my disappointment around. I love to have linguine as my choice of pasta when I am having carbonara, and the chef did up my order as what I wished without much hassle too. The linguine was done al-dente (the italian way), accompanied with fresh bacon slices and delish sauce. Perfect-o! Although the one at Modesto's/Michengalo are better in my opinion. But nonetheless, I wiped the whole plate clean.

Tagliolini Ai Brocolli E Funghi - Tagliolini with Brocolli, Mushroom and Cherry Tomato in Oil, Garlic and Chillies.
L's choice. To me, this is like the italian version of our chinese wanton mee, with different sides. A very refreshing dish, but it will be better if the chef drizzle more olive oil as it gets a little too dry after afew mouthfuls.

A sweet dessert will end your meal nicely, thats what everyone says. And of course, we are glad to live by it.
Dessert of the Day - Tiramisu
This tiramisu didn't capture my heart nor stomach. Abit too bland, and too watery. A better dessert will definitely make us happier!

The total bill comes up to only S$31.80 because I got this 3 course meal deal off groupon. Would come back for the pasta anytime, but I will be saving my stomach for better desserts.

If you're a pasta lover as well, why not check out our posts on Italian Cusine over here?

Pasta Inc
35 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089142
Tel: 6297 7515